About one Third of All Covid-19 Patients in Nur-Sultan Got Infected While Being in Offices

Despite the fact that 80% of them should work remotely

According to the chief sanitary doctor of the city of Nur-Sultan Sarkhat Beysenova, about 28% of virus cases have occurred in offices.

The epidemiologic situation in the city has been getting worse since the second half of June when the Delta variant started to spread around Nur-Sultan. In June and July only, the local health system reported a twofold surge in cases. During the recent 19 days, 1,500 new cases have been reported every day. 

The chief sanitary doctor noted that markets and shopping malls, public transportation, restaurants, cafés, parks, and offices are the main places where people can get infected. 

At the same time, the city’s health system requires that at least 80% of the administrative staff of companies both national and private based in Nur-Sultan, work remotely. This rule has been in place for five months due to a surge in coronavirus cases. However, Nur-Sultan is still the country’s leader in terms of the number of COVID patients.

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