Who Might Need Revaccination in Kazakhstan

Some countries already embrace this practice

Kazakhstanis who don’t have enough antibodies might need to take a third dose of vaccination, according to Doctor Saule Atygayeva. 

Currently, Kazakhstani health officials have no precise instructions about possible revaccination. They are just waiting for new recommendations from vaccine developers. However, according to Saule Atygayeva, a Kazakhstani specialist in infectious diseases there are some clues on what kind of social groups might need this additional shot of vaccine.

«Indeed, revaccination might be required for some groups of people. The only basis for that decision is the amount of antibodies,» she said. The doctor added that all the answers will be given in the near future.

«Given that the vast majority of medical workers got their first shot of vaccine in February and the second at the beginning of March, they might need the third dose in October and November,» Atygayeva stated. 

Some countries already embraced this practice. Israeli government for example has decided that people at the age 60 and plus have to take a third shot of vaccine. Germany also approved revaccination for elderly people starting from September 1. For this additional dose, any type of vaccine is eligible and there is no need to take exactly the same vaccine you have taken before.

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