The FCB Launched Scoring for the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus

After it has won the selection competition

The First Credit Bureau of Kazakhstan with the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus launched a scoring model that predicts probability of a borrower’s default for Belarusian financial organizations. The FCB and international vendors participated in the bracket challenge contest for modeling partner selection.

The work of the FCB was highly evaluated by Belarusian colleagues and the model illustrates a good GINI indicator over 80%, while the average market international standard stands for 55% -60% Gini. The FCB is a leader in predictive data analysis in Kazakhstan.

Ruslan Omarov, СЕО of the FCB notes: “This is the first experience for us especially with the foreign regulator. Previously, we focused more on the commercial sector. Today, we are selling more than 3 million scorings of bureau only in Kazakhstan, and there are more than 100 different predictive models, which we develop for customers forecast of different events based on various standards including IFRS9. In general, our consulting group already works in the international segment”.

The National Bank of the Republic of Belarus made a comment that the experience with Kazakhstani colleagues from the FCB was successful, and employees of the FCB performed as high-level professionals. The model has already been tested and launched, and our colleagues will provide additional information later. Meanwhile, the developed scoring model fully takes into account the specifics of the Belarusian financial market, its segments and the data structure.

For information only:

The First Credit Bureau (FCB) is the best Big Data company in Kazakhstan and the largest information aggregator (Data hub) in terms of providing information about residents and non-residents. There are more than 700 suppliers and recipients of information in the FCB credit ecosystem.

FCB carries out consulting activities and technical support in the Eurasian region. The Almaty office of the FCB is the central office of the Association of Credit Information Providers of Eurasia (ACIPE). For more information visit


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