KASE Index Shows Growth throughout 11 Sessions in a Row

Since August 20, its value has risen by 8%

Local investors demonstrate a high level of activity: the KASE Index has been growing over 11 sessions in a row, showing 8% growth, according to the analytical center of the Association of Financiers of Kazakhstan.

As the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange noted, an upward trend has been reported for 11 sessions in a row, adding8% to the KASE Index. Today, the index weight has risen by 0.32% to 3278.2 points.

«Investors have shown stable interest in Kazatomprom stock (+4%), while Kcell shares decreased (-3.6%),» KASE said in a statement.

According to the association, the interest in companies involved in the production of uranium has increased significantly due to the creation of the new ETF SPUT. It was established by the largest international commodity seller Sprott Asset Management. 

In July the KASE Index increased by 25% to 3344.07 points and hit a 20-year record. The total amount of index-linked stock trades during that period was about $61.5 million or 35.4% of all stock market trading volume that month.

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