Kazakhstan is Ready to Cooperate with the Taliban

President Tokayev wants Afghanistan to be a stable, sovereign and united country

While delivering a speech at the ceremony of presentation of credentials to ambassadors President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev revealed Kazakhstan’s official position towards Afghanistan.

According to the president, Kazakhstan has always been known for its pragmatic approach toward foreign policy but because of a political crisis in Afghanistan, this strategy is taking on particular importance.

«Even though we have no common border with this war-torn country you need just one hour to fly from Almaty to Kabul,» Tokaeyv noted.

The president highlighted that he is always ready to share his vision with other leaders if they would like.

«So far, the only problem we pay close attention to is security in the region. Kazakhstan is ready to cooperate with any country to stop the spread of violence, illicit trafficking of drugs, and uncontrolled migration out of Afghanistan,» said the president. 

He has expressed the hope that the Taliban (the organization is prohibited in Kazakhstan) will prove its determination to «embrace moderate political stand, be open for talks and create an inclusive national government that will consist of all the ethnic groups in the country.»

«Kazakhstan is a strong supporter of stable, sovereign and united Afghanistan, the country where people live in peace and which does not threaten its neighbors. We are ready to work on positive and productive relations with the new Afghan government to find, first of all, solutions for many urgent social issues this long-suffering nation is facing,» Tokayev highlighted. 

The Kazakhstani leader believes that the international community has to assist Afghanistan in this critical time and not leave the country behind stuck in its current troubles. Yesterday, the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan said the country is ready to cooperate with the new Afghan government.

Kazakhstan has never closed its embassy in Kabul, which is now under the Taliban’s protection. However, there were no contacts yet between Nur-Sultan and the Taliban at the political level, according to Deputy Foreign Minister Akan Rakhmetullin.

In addition, the foreign ministry said earlier that Kazakhstan will cooperate with the Taliban only if the movement will not violate human rights and pose a threat to other countries. This longstanding civilian conflict should be resolved by the only legitimate force – the Afghan people, the agency highlighted.

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