Armed Man Attacks a University in Perm

Several people died

According to the preliminary information, eight people have died today in the incident with gunfire in a university in Russian Perm.

As the police reported, the gunfire was opened by 18-year-old Timur Bekmansurov, who was detained by the police. However, some federal officials said that the attacker was shot, RBK reported.

«I’ve been inside the university’s building. I can see a lot of law enforcement officers and I know that four people have been injured,» Natalia Petischeva, the head of the university press service told RBK.

Earlier today a man with a gun sneaked into the university’s campus and opened fire. The very first news said he was armed with a non-lethal gun but later the police confirmed that the weapon was lethal.

«All services of the city and university are ready to take action,» the university’s press service said right after the first reports about the incident.

As a result, the police were engaged in a gunfight with the suspect, who responded with violent resistance. He was shot and died at the scene.

According to Interfax citing the Investigating Committee, eight people have died as a result of the attack on the Perm University today. 

In May, a similar shooting took place in a high school in Kazan, Tatarstan, where an attacker killed 11 people. After the tragedy, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered to tighten control over civilian weapons.

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