Coal Consumption Decreases in Kazakhstan

The government is going to spend $624.5 million on gas infrastructure in the Mangystau region

According to Magzum Mirzagaliyev, a minister of energy in Kazakhstan, the Mangystau region where new seven gas infrastructural projects will be implemented soon. The government has already allocated $624.5 million for that purpose.

It is expected that once all the projects are done, the issue of gas supply in the Mangystau region will be closed.

«Among these projects are an overhaul of the first line of the Beyneu-Zhanaozen gas pipeline; construction of the second line of the Beyneu-Zhanaozen pipeline; overhaul of the Zhanaozen-Aktau main gas line; construction of the gas conduit from Zhanaozen-Aktau gas line to Kuryk village and an automated gas distribution plant over there,» the Ministry of Energy reported.

Also, there is a plan to build a sophisticated gas processing plant in the town of Zhanaozen.

«The current gas processing plant is almost worn out. A new one will be designed to meet all the modern requirements in terms of quality and safety. Its capacity is expected to be about 900 million cubic meters of natural gas per year,» said Mirzagaliyev during the government’s meeting.

As a result of the development of massive gas infrastructure, coal consumption in Kazakhstan is expected to decrease next winter from 10 million to 7.3 million tons. 

Two giant metallurgical plants, ArcelorMittal in Karaganda and Kazakhmys in Jeskazgan, have also declared their intention to produce part of the power they consume with the help of natural gas starting from 2022.

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