Freedom Finance Europe Receives Direct Membership in Euroclear

The move opens access to high-end stock exchange infrastructure

Euroclear Bank, a global provider of Financial Market Infrastructure (FMI) services, has approved a membership application filed by Freedom Finance Europe Ltd, the European subsidiary of Freedom Holding Corp.

Euroclear’s decision means that the company’s clients can now get access to developed exchange infrastructure in the leading global depository of securities.

«Receiving direct membership in Euroclear is another achievement for the entire holding and a new step towards expansion and development of our business. We were forced to wait nine long months until all the procedures of that approval process were done but now we are the only Cyprus-based company from the non-banking sector which is a direct member of Euroclear. For our clients it’s going to be another sign of high reliability and trust,» said Timur Turlov, a CEO of Freedom Holding Corp.

In August S&P Global Ratings has assigned Freedom Finance Europe Ltd a long-term credit rating of «B» with a stable outlook. The agency has also assigned Freedom Finance a short-term credit rating of “B.”

Over the current year, Freedom Finance Europe Ltd. has continued to strengthen and expand its positions in Europe. Currently, the company provides services to 70,000 clients, most of which are EU countries’ citizens.

For the comfort of clients, all of the company’s services and platforms have been localized into 25 European languages for customer convenience. Moreover, alongside the office in Germany, which was opened in 2019, the company has recently opened a new representative office in Greece. Freedom Finance Europe is going to expand its physical presence in many other EU countries.

Freedom Holding Corp., through its subsidiaries, provides retail securities brokerage, research, investment counseling, securities trading, market making, corporate investment banking and underwriting services.

Euroclear is a Belgium-based financial services company that specializes in the settlement of securities transactions, as well as the safekeeping and asset servicing of these securities.

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