Schools in Kazakhstan Are Going to Teach New Subject

Pupils of lower schools will be taught digital literacy

Starting from January 2022, all first-grade pupils in the country are going to learn digital literacy as a new school subject, according to the Ministry of Science and Education.

The ministry said it is going to put the new subject into the learning program in the third quarter of the school year. Previously the subject of information and communication technologies was taught starting from third grade.

«Study program must reflect all the needs and imperatives of our time. We all have seen how fast the digital world has evolved. Even small children know very well how to use smartphones and computers. Now the digital literacy is as important and imperative as reading and writing. That’s why we need to teach our children digital literacy, digital hygiene and the basics of information security as soon as possible. Of course, the new subject must fit the abilities of children,» said Gulmira Karimova, head of Committee on Preschool and School Education under the Ministry of Science and Education.

The official also noted that the ministry has seriously revised two study programs: ‘Information and Communications Technologies’ for fourth grade and ‘Information Science’ for 5-11 grades. 

«All these changes are aimed at getting pupils proper and high-quality knowledge on information technologies,» the ministry’s press service reported.

For example, the education system officials want Kazakhstani pupils to study machine languages, 3D modeling and 3D printing as well (for pupils of 5-9 grades).

«The study program of the subject ‘Information Science’ for 10-11 grades is typically based on modern trends of the IT industry. The program includes topics such as IT-Startup, virtual and augmented reality, mobile app development, Big Data and so on. Moreover, all the new study programs cover internet safety rules, online etiquette and copyrights,» the ministry said.

This school year in Kazakhstan is occurring offline. However, during the pandemic of 2020, the vast majority of pupils were moved to online learning.

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