Russia Wants to Get More Citizens

According to the country's minister of foreign affairs

Russia is going to naturalize children from mixed marriages, according to Sergey Lavrov, a ministry of foreign affairs of the country. He took part in the congress of Russian fellow nationals.

«We [Russian authorities] believe that any mixed family has a right to give its child Russian citizenship no matter where they live in Russia or abroad. This is a constitutional right of any Russian citizen,» he said.

According to Konstantin Kosachev, a deputy head of the Federation Council of Russia, once the initiative is approved, any child can get Russian citizenship if a Russian parent is ready to apply for the document. The consent of the second parent (a foreigner) isn’t necessary.

As Andrey Kortunov, director-general of the Russian International Affairs Council noted, the move is aimed at liberalization of the process of acquiring citizenship and getting a higher number of citizens of Russia.

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