Large Companies in Kazakhstan Suffer from Hackers

They've lost $900,000 this year

Because of hackers’ attacks, Kazakhstan’s companies have lost serious money, according to Kaspersky Lab.

This year big companies from Kazakhstan and Russia have lost about $900,000 as a result of cyber-incidents. Once perpetrators choose a target, they do some reconnaissance and attack that company with a tool they prepared for this specific target.

The most expensive cyber-attacks for large companies in Kazakhstan and Russia involve incidents with data leakage (possible harm is more than one $1 million), targeted attacks (about $900,000) and attacks on supply chains (more than $700,000). At the same time for middle-sized and small businesses, the highest risks are violations of cyber security rules by employees, crypto miners’ attacks and incidents with outside suppliers a company shares data with.

The last type of attack accounts for the vast majority of financial losses according to global statistics. About 32% of businesses have suffered from this all over the world while an average loss is about $1.4 million. In terms of data leakage in general, large companies may lose about $926,000 a year.

Recently, Russian tech giant Yandex reported a DDoS attack on its services. It was the largest cyberattack in the history of the Russian segment of the internet, according to the company. However, Yandex services and clients didn’t suffer from any consequences.

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