Russia to Put Some Restrictions on Scooter Drivers

The country embraces a new category of transport: personal mobility vehicle

Russian Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Internal Affairs approved amendments to the driving regulations. They are aimed at e-scooters and hoverboards, according to the RIA Novosti news agency.

Russia is going to amend its legislation to add a new category of transport called «personal mobility vehicle» (PMV). By this definition, any transport with one or two wheels powered by an engine to ride just one person is a PMV. 

Once the amendment is approved, owners of such transport will be obliged to keep 25 kilometers per hour maximum speed limit. They will also be able to ride on a street only if there is no pavement and car speed is limited to 60 kilometers per hour. Children under seven won’t be allowed to ride PMVs at all.

According to some sources, this draft legislation might be approved next spring.

There are similar intentions in Kazakhstan as well. The government has even created a working group that includes professionals from different state agencies. Their task is to develop amendments to the current legislation to allow authorities to restrict the usage of e-scooters.

Among those who support this trend in Kazakhstan is Nurtore Zhusip, a local parliament member who has asked Deputy Prime Minister Roman Sklyar to speed up the process. He’s suggested developing all the proper rules, standards and requirements which would meet legislation in all Eurasian Union member states. A lawmaker also wants authorities to limit the future import of such personal mobility vehicles, which do not meet new rules and standards.

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