Moguls from Moldova Lose Another Court Case Against Kazakhstan

The last hearings have occurred in Washington, D.C.

Anatol and Gabriel Stati, businessmen from Moldova who had tried to sue Kazakhstan for several years, lost their case in a Washington, D.C. court. They have admitted that as a fact, according to Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Justice.

On October 28, 2021, two citizens of Moldova Anatol and Gabriel Stati asked the Federal Court in Washington, D.C. to withdraw their request to put the diplomatic property of Kazakhstan under arrest.

«In the request Stati filed to the court on July 2021, they had insisted on a false statement that Kazakhstan’s diplomatic residence in Washington, D.C. is used as an office center. In August 2021, Kazakhstan provided the court with documents that prove this statement is false. In turn, Stati had never commented on this proof and just asked the court to allow them to have their time to get prepared with a response. The first time the Washington court had approved this request but refused to do so the second time. The court ruled that Stati had had enough time to prepare an answer before October 29, 2021. However, one day before the deadline Stati called out their request with no attempts to prove their previous statements that turned out to be false,» the ministry’s press service said. 

As the agency noted, father and son Stati are used to using this trick to harm Kazakhstan’s image. «Their main intention is to harm the reputation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. With that purpose in mind they approach a court with a false statement and then due to no proof just call this statement out of that court,» said the ministry. Stati had used a similar strategy during the previous litigation in the U.K. For example, when Kazakhstan showed documents that prove its position, Stati just called their court application out.

«Stati’s decision to not go further with litigation in Washington’s court is just more evidence that Stati has tried to put Kazakhstan’s diplomatic property under arrest with help of a lie. Kazakhstan has told this from the very outset. The Moldovan moguls have carried this campaign of lies and disinformation for years trying to deceive media and disturb the judgment. We are glad that justice has been met,» said Almat Madaliyev, a vice minister of justice in Kazakhstan. 

To show the whole process of fighting with Stati, Kazakhstan has launched a website where it has posted chronologically all the documents on how Stati had attracted money from international investors and then initiated an international arbitrage against the country.

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