U.S. Military to Share Their Medical Knowledge with Kazakhstan’s Peacekeepers

The training process has been organized in a special training center in Kazakhstan

Medical personnel representing the U.S. army take an active role in the training of Kazakhstani peacekeepers. The training course is organized at the peacekeeping training center, according to Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Defense website.

The training course is organized for those Kazakhstani soldiers who have been shortlisted as entries for the field hospital of the army of Kazakhstan which is going to be a part of the U.N. mission.

The medical planning course includes several classes such as medical supply, medical services in missions, radio connection and IT in medical service, medical reconnaissance, and material and technical support. Military personnel have also been taught how to organize medical evacuation and medical planning in the field.

Moreover, all the training course students also attend a language course provided by the British Embassy.

All this training is based on cooperation agreements between the defense agencies of Kazakhstan and the United States.

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