Child Abusers in Kazakhstan to Be Obliged to Wear an Electronic Tag

The measure is supposed to be an effective tool to keep former inmates under control

Starting from January 1, 2022, Kazakhstan’s authorities are going to put electronic tags on every child abuser who completes their service of sentence, according to ErlanTurgumbayev, a minister of internal affairs, who has spoken today in the parliament.

Some groups of criminals, for example, those who receive probation instead of prison time or are granted early release need to be under control even when they are not in jail. They have to visit their parole officer regularly or a parole officer can visit the former inmate instead. The same rule is applied to child abusers: the police must keep eye on them over eight years after the release. To make this process more reliable and transparent, the country’s authorities are going to use electronic tags.

«Starting from January 1, 2022, we are going to use these electronic tags for people under parole surveillance. The top priority of this control is child abusers,» said the minister.

All electronic tags will be connected to the monitoring system run by the police. As a result, any officer will be able to monitor the activity of one or two released individuals via his computer or laptop.

«Remote control is an alternative to an inmate’s visit to the police in person, so we would be able to minimize the amount of contact between people under sentence and the police. Electronics tags are going to be used for those under home arrest, administrative supervision, probation, or those who violate the service of sentence,» the Ministry of Internal Affairs said to the Kursiv edition.

Even though using electronic tags is common practice for many countries all over the world, Kazakhstan has started this practice just last fall. The first subject for the measure became former officials who were caught red-handed for acts of corruption. By placing an electronic tag on a criminal’s leg, the police can identify their location whenever they want. To avoid being punished, any man on probation needs to negotiate with the police all places, addresses or even cities he’s going to visit in advance. If he fails to do so, a parole officer will receive a violation signal and would send the police to track him down.

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