Kazakhstan Football Federation to Discard Public Money

Because of thumping in Paris

Kazakhstan Football Federation is going to skip the state or quasi-state organizations’ money as an option of its funding starting from 2022, according to Azamat Aitkhozhin, secretary-general of the federation.

Starting next year, the Kazakhstan Football Federation is going to cover all its needs with money from UEFA and sponsors only.

The decision was made after the total defeat during the 2022 World Championship qualification match against France with an 8:0 score. The federation was immediately criticized for the poor management of the team.

«First of all, I want to say sorry to all our fans because we’ve lost that game with France. We feel bad now as we get emotional after every defeat. But there was no way to show a good game because many strong players left the team. Unfortunately, the national team of Kazakhstan has no reserve of players and those newcomers who came instead of former leaders aren’t yet ready to play at the very high international level,» said Aitkhozhin.

However, as a popular game, football has always been in our country and will be in the future, he added.

On November 13, the national team of France and Kazakhstan met within the World Cup qualification game series. France scored eight and secured their place at next year’s championship in Qatar.

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