Russia Wants Owners of Alternative Fuel Vehicles to Pay for Roads

As all other drivers normally do

Russian Ministry of Transport has suggested to charge alternative fuel motorists a tax for any kilometer they drive, the Izvestiya newspaper reports.

According to the ministry, alternative fuel vehicles have the same impact on road infrastructure as traditional transport does. The maintenance of all these roads is supported with money from so-called road funds.

Also, the agency wants the government to impose excise duty on natural gas-based fuel, power for electric cars and hydrogen. Moreover, the transport system officials suggest charging cargo truck drivers for using any roads except municipal roads. This would allow the ministry to raise more money for road infrastructure maintenance.

However, the Ministry of Economy of Russia hasn’t supported the idea of putting a tax on alternative fuel and charging drivers per kilometer because the initiative may cut the demand for electric cars in the country.

In August, the government announced its concept for the development of electric transportation in Russia that consists of two stages. In the first stage throughout 2021-2024, Russia is going to increase the production of electric cars to 25,000 a year. At the second stage over 2025-2030, the production level should surge to 220,000 a year.

The idea of toll roads is quite popular in Kazakhstan as well. Since June the country has put into operation 5,800 kilometers of toll roads at 18 sections, including Uralsk – Russian border (Saratov), Uralsk – Russian border (Samara), Aktobe – Russian border (Orenburg), Kostanay – Russian border (Troitsk), and Pavlodar – Russian border (Omsk).

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