Kazakhstan Embraces Trading with Diesel Fuel on Exchange

The amount of trade is set by the Ministry of Energy

On November 24, a diesel fuel exchange trading is going to start in Kazakhstan. The amount of that trading is determined by the Ministry of Energy, according to the country’s Agency for Protection and Development of Competition.

The decision to start trading with diesel fuel on commodity exchanges was taken on November 15 this year during a meeting of the Exchange Committee chaired by Asset Magauov, vice-minister of energy. 

The trading is going to happen in accordance with recommendations (sectional rules) on the wholesale sale of petroleum products through commodity exchanges, approved by the Exchange Committee.

«We recommend Eurasian Trading System and Caspiy commodity exchanges as organizers of petroleum products trading; trading tools, specifications and delivery basis have been approved by the authorized agency, the Ministry of Energy,» the competition agency reported.

At the end of 2020 petroleum products including gasoline, aviation kerosene, and diesel fuel were added to the list of exchange commodities. On March 31, 2021 exchange trading with gasoline and bitumen was started. Trading started with coal on May 24 and with jet fuel on September 22.

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