Kyrgyzstan’s President Warns About Risk of a Coup

Local politicians may be prepared for it

Some people are preparing for a violent takeover in the country. After the parliamentary elections, the government will play hardball, according to the Interfax-Kazakhstan news agency citing President SadyrJaparov.

The authorities have gathered proof and know for sure about the mounting coup, said Japarov.

«People who will take to the streets for no reason will be punished. We are going to work transparently and fairly. After the upcoming elections, there will be five years with no elections; we have to deal with the economic issues,» added Kyrgyz leader.

On Thursday the Kyrgyzstani government rolled out heavy security in the country due to the parliamentary elections. More than 11,000 police officers will observe public peace and security at polling stations. The authorities are also going to tighten security of all sensitive facilities including vital infrastructure.

The parliamentary elections in Kyrgyzstan are scheduled for November 28. The deputies of JogorkuKenesh, a local parliament, are elected under the proportional representation system in single electoral districts (54 deputies) and the majority election system (36 deputies) in single-seat electoral districts.

The parliament of Kyrgyzstan consists of 90 deputies who are elected for five years. Twenty-one political parties in the country are going to take part in the elections. So far, 321 candidates have been registered in single-seat electoral districts across the country.

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