Kazakhstan Wants One in Three Cars It Produces to Be Sent Abroad

Special correspondent of the "News" department
This is a plan by the Ministry of Industry

Every third vehicle produced in Kazakhstan will be exported abroad, according to BeibutAtamkulov, minister of industry and infrastructural development.

As the official stated during the government’s meeting today, the country is going to be a vital part of the global supply chain for KAMAZ and Hyundai once the industrial strategy is completed in 2025. 

«One in three automobiles produced in Kazakhstan is going to be headed abroad,» he said.

Thanks to the growing amount of auto parts that are produced inside the country (bumpers, wheels, rubber carpets, accumulators, etc.) the percentage of local content in goods is going to reach 50%. 

In the move to boost its industrial development, Kazakhstan plans to implement 72 projects in the area of machine building and is ready to allocate $3.2 billion for that purpose. It is expected that 19,800 new jobs might be created as a result of this endeavor.

According to the Association of Kazakhstan Automobile Business (AKAB) over the period from January to October this year, Kazakhstan exported 9,694 vehicles for $147.7 billion.

«The export of cars is still a strategically important task for our country and the development of Kazakhstan’s automobile industry. Over the nine months of 2021, the amount of car supply rose by 61% to 9,694 vehicles. They cost about $147.7 million in total. Among key export destinations for these cars are Russia (5559), Uzbekistan (3559), Belarus (464), Kyrgyzstan (110) and Azerbaijan (two vehicles),» reported AKAB.

Over the last ten months, Kazakhstan produced 71,245 vehicles of different types which is a 15.2% high if compared to the same period last year when 61,857 vehicles were produced. The Bureau of National Statistics reports that all these cars combined cost $1.2 billion, a 20.8% high over the same period last year ($1 billion).

The vast majority of these cars are passenger cars – 61,754 vehicles (+19.2%). Cargo truck production also has risen by 23.7% (7,799 vehicles). In addition, Kazakhstan-based auto factories have issued 916 buses, 548 semitrailers and 228 other cars. 

The largest producer in the country is SaryArkaProm – the company has produced 44,115 vehicles this year or 44.3% more if compared to 30,566 cars last year. Hyundai Trans Kazakhstan has accounted for 21,061.

Because of the pandemic, the number of cars in Kazakhstan has decreased. For example, over the period from April 1, 2020 to April 1, 2021, the number of officially registered cars shrank by 80,000 vehicles. Even though the industry tries to produce more new cars and some transport imported from Armenia was legalized, the auto park in Kazakhstan has decreased.

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