Almaty Is Preparing for a New Wave of COVID-19

The city’s mayor says that Omicron can appear in the city very soon

The office of the mayor of Almaty has warned of the threat of a new wave of Omicron variant that can hit the city. Health officials predict a surge in morbidity in mid-January next year.

According to an analytical group of the city’s sanitary and epidemiological service, the new COVID-19 variant surge is inevitable, said the city’s administration. 

«The next wave of epidemic is expected in the middle of January 2022 with its peak by the middle of March,» the Almaty mayor’s office reported. 

As Mayor Bakytzhan Sigintayev noted, the authorities are taking all measures needed to prevent the Omicron variant from entering Kazakhstan from other countries.

«Over the period from December 3 to December 20, 344 flights with 49,400 passengers came to Almaty. More than half, 29,700 people showed PCR test results; 20,000 were vaccinated and had their vaccination certificates. About 2,900 passengers came from countries where Omicron cases were reported. All of them have been sent to seven days quarantine under the supervision of medical workers. So far, five people have tested positive; now they are in the hospital for infectious disease,» said the mayor.

However, the overall number of new COVID-19 cases in Almaty has slightly reduced: 249 cases last week and 223 cases now. Health officials register about 30-35 cases a day. According to recent data, one infected with COVID-19 can transmit the virus to less than one person.

«Thanks to herd immunity of 58% (50% are vaccinated and 8% have recovered from COVID this year) Almaty reported a lower number of COVID-19 cases,» said the Almaty administration.

Sagintayev has called on city residents, including people at risk and teenagers, to get vaccinated. Those who have already got their two shots have to be prepared to get revaccinated as health officials have recommended.

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