Moscow Exchange Is Going to Trade with Shares of 80 Foreign Companies

Such as TripAdvisor, Unity Software and Xerox

Moscow Exchange is going to launch trading with shares of 80 new foreign companies starting from January 3 next year. Investors will be able to buy shares of TripAdvisor, Mattel, Unity Software, Xerox and so on, according to the website

Early next year, Moscow Exchange investors will be able to purchase shares of Unity Software, an American software company, DoorDash, the biggest American food delivery app, Mattel, a toy manufacturing company, Yum China Holdings, a Chinese fast-food chain, American Eagle, Xerox and 73 other issuers.

Once shares of these companies are on trade in the exchange, the total number of foreign companies on the Moscow Exchange will rise to 600. Moreover, the exchange says that it is going to increase the number of securities traded in Russian rubles and U.S. dollars to 1,400 in 2022.

In early November 2021, Moscow Exchange set a record on the trading volume with shares by foreign companies. On November 5 there were more than 72,000 transactions on the exchange for $103.6 million or 9% of trading volume in general.

According to the exchange’s data, in November retail investors in Russia had given preferences to shares of Alibaba, Tesla, Apple, Baidu, Virgin Galactic, Boeing, Intel, Microsoft, Meta and Alphabet.

«We are constantly expanding a range of tools our investors can rely on by using any foreign currency they want,» said Boris Blokhin, head of the department of the stock market in Moscow Exchange.

According to Igor Marich, managing director for sales and business development of the exchange, by the end of the current year, the trading volume on ME surged sharply thanks to the stable growth of new retail investors and the appearance of new issuers.

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