Banker from Latvia Is Going to Spearhead ForteBank

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The bank’s board has approved the new CEO

The candidacy of Reinis Rubenis has been approved by the bank’s board, according to the ForteBank press service. 

Reinis Rubenis has been working on financial markets in Europe for 25 years. He is well known as an experienced and highly productive manager. During the last 14 years, Reinis worked in the biggest Latvian bank Swedbank, for five years he had been the bank’s CEO. 

Also, Reinis Rubenis was a member of the board of Nasdaq Latvia and a member of the board of Latvian Central Depository. Under Rubenis’ supervision, Swedbank has implemented new digital services and has become a leader among Latvian banks in terms of assets and clients. 

In Kazakhstan, the new CEO of ForteBank is going to focus on two strategic tasks: raising the efficacy of business processes in the bank and intensifying the process of issuing new services to the market. The new CEO wants the bank’s client experience management to evolve into something more exciting; to raise the corporate culture of the bank to the level of European institute and to develop partnerships with local and global businesses. 

«Reinis has an expressive professional expertise and experience in building leading financial institutes in a highly competitive market,» said Bulat Utemuratov, the major shareholder of ForteBank. He also noted that during his long career, Rubenis has proven he can build an effective interaction with different market players, regulators and partners. 

«His personal experience and energy will help the bank to improve the consumer experience for the bank’s clients and lead the entire team to success,» highlighted the bank’s owner. 

«In turn, I’d like to say that I will do my best to get the bank momentum to success and help every client to succeed. Starting this day we are going to build Forte as a European bank which is loved and trusted by its clients,» stated Rubenis.

Sholpan Nurumbet, who had been an acting CEO of the bank since August 1, 2021 is now a deputy head and a member of the board of Forte. 

The bank has restored the work of its branch offices in the country since January 12.

ForteBank has been working in Kazakhstan for more than 20 years. Its owner Bulat Utemuratov has 87.45% of shares including 7.66% of shares in the form of depository receipts. The bank has 20 branches and 100 local offices throughout the country.

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