Kazakhstan’s Border Guard Service Searches for Rioters

They have detained an Uzbekistan national, who may have been involved in the unrest in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan border guard officials have detained an Uzbek citizen on the Zhibek Zholy crossing point on the Kazak-Uzbek border due to suspicion of his involvement in the massive unrest in Kazakhstan, the Committee of National Security (KNB) press service reported. 

While searching the detainee, born in 1993, the police found a mobile phone with video taped during the unrest in Shymkent.

«There is a bullet wound, presumably from a rubber bullet, on the back of the detainee,» the KNB press service said.

Right after the arrest, the suspect was transported to local police in the Saryagash district.

As of today, the antiterrorist operation has been continuing in Kazakhstan. The country’s border guards along with the police and military conduct raids and protect all strategic and administrative facilities. Moreover, the border guard service has doubled its control over the state border in Kazakhstan.

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