CSTO Peacekeepers Leave Kazakhstan

Four aircraft of the Russian Air Force have left Nur-Sultan and Almaty

The process of withdrawal of the Collective Security Treaty Organization peacekeepers is over, according to the Interfax news agency citing the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Four aircraft carrying the last units of Russian military personnel along with top officers and Commander Andrey Serdyukov have left Kazakhstan.

“Peacekeepers of the CSTO have shown brilliant skills in accomplishing the mission assigned by member-states leaders; they helped to quell terrorism and restore constitutional order in Kazakhstan,” said Alexey Borodavkin, a Russian Ambassador to Kazakhstan.

According to Stanislav Zas, secretary-general of the CSTO, the Russian Air Force made 108 flights to transport troops to Kazakhstan. As the Russian Ministry of Defense noted, they used more than 70 units of IL-76 and AN-124 aircraft.

Over the operation, the CSTO member states sent 2,030 peacekeepers and 250 units of equipment to Kazakhstan.

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