Kazakhstan to Enhance Defense Intelligence

President Tokayev believes that the army has to meet specific requirements

Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has required the government to radically raise the level of preparedness to the action of Kazakhstan’s Army and to enhance military intelligence, the president’s press service reported.

The president has highlighted that there are specific requirements that the army has to meet.

«Even though we have an army that has always shown good results during command-staff and military exercises, we couldn’t use its capabilities in a moment of crisis and were forced to rely on foreign assistance,» he said.

Tokayev noted that the key task of military intelligence is providing the government with accurate and up-to-date information about internal and external threats.

The president also said that the army should take action to prevent incidents with munitions like those that have happened over the past few years. 

Tokayev has called on the government to provide Kazakhstan’s army with modern equipment and weaponry. In particular, the cabinet has to take into account lessons from the January events and reconsider the armament acquisition plan of the year 2022 and take all relevant actions to improve human capacity in Kazakhstan’s army.

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