European Parliament Calls to Impose Sanctions against Kazakhstan Officials

The parliament deputies suggest launching an investigation into crimes against the people of Kazakhstan

According to the RIA Novosti news agency, the European Parliament has prepared a resolution on human rights in Kazakhstan referring to the protests in the country this January. After debates, the deputies called on the EU to impose sanctions against Kazakhstan’s officials.

None of these resolutions by the European Parliament are obligatory, they are more like recommendations. However, all European countries and the EU institutes take them into account.

«The European Parliament calls on the Council of the European Union to impose personal sanctions against Kazakhstan’s top officials responsible for serious violations during the protests in January 2022,» the EP said.

The deputies have also recommended that the EU «take urgent actions to launch an international investigation into crimes committed against people of Kazakhstan during the two weeks of protests.»

The document by the EP also calls on the EU organizations to place a high priority on human rights while cooperating with Kazakhstan.

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