Nazarbayev to Retain Membership in Constitutional Council

Also, he can speak before the parliament chambers

The first president of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev may retain his right to be a lifetime member of the Constitutional Council, reported the Interfax news agency. 

The news is a takeaway from the comparative table linked to the draft law on amendments and adjustments to some constitutional laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

According to Table No.2, the first article of the law on the first president has kept a rule that Nazarbayev can speak before the parliament and its chambers, to participate in the government sessions to discuss crucial issues for the country and to be a member of the Constitutional Council of Kazakhstan.

Earlier this month, the Mazhilis of Kazakhstan’s parliament approved a draft law which takes from Nazarbayev the right to be a lifetime chairman of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan and the Security Council.

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