Kazakhstan Senators Suggest Removing Nazarbayev from Key Initiative Approval Process

The amendments to be considered by Mazhilis of the parliament

Deputies of Kazakhstan’s Senate (the upper chamber of the national parliament) have suggested removing from the first president law the article that requires any key initiative related to foreign or domestic policy of Kazakhstan to be approved by the first president Nursultan Nazarbayev.

Also, Senate has approved all the suggestions from the Mazhilis about amending laws on the Security Council and the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan. According to these amendments, Nazarbayev may lose his lifetime right to be a chairman of both entities.

However, as the Senate deputies have come forward with their suggestion, the draft law on amendments to the first president law has been sent back to the Mazhilis for reconsideration.

Now, the Mazhilis deputies have to review the suggestion of their counterparts from the Senate. Once they approve the draft law, it’ll be sent to the president to sign.

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