Kazakhstan reports additional oil volume

About 39.9 million tons of additional extractable oil reserves have been discovered at the Uzen oil field in the southwest of Kazakhstan.

According to the KazMunaiGaz company’s press service, KazMunaiGaz, Ozenmunaigaz and KMG Engineering have been conducting the detailed exploration program of Uzen since 2017.

Over 2017-2021 the partners implemented a high-definition 3D seismic survey of the site. They reexamined more than 7,500 oil wells here, reassessed a geological concept of the site and updated the 3D model of its geology.

As a result, the explored oil stockpile of Uzen is now bigger by 8% or 39.9 million tons if compared to those earlier figures. At the end of 2021, this additional volume of oil was officially included in the list of state assets by the State Commission for Mineral Reserves of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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