New mayor of Almaty does not mind a meeting against his appointment

The new mayor of Almary Erbolat Dosaev, who was appointed to the position on January 31, has authorized a rally that some residents of the city are going to organize on February 5. The only slogan of the rally is a demand to discharge the new mayor.

Even before Erbolat Dosaev enters the office of the Almaty mayor, some people have started to collect signs under the petition aimed at discharging Dosaev from the new position. They want the mayor to be elected through open and transparent elections.

As of February 4, there were about 30,000 signatures under the petition. However, according to Yuriy Masanov, a journalist from Kazakhstan the website where the petition has been uploaded raises some questions as it’s registered in Russia and almost anyone can click on a button to pretend the signature under the petition was made.

Former Almaty mayor Bakytzhan Sagintayev was discharged from office on January 31.

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