Shymkent airport to be sold

The city of Shymkent that owns the Shymkent International Airport is going to sell 100% of the asset for $13.1 million. The bidding is scheduled for February 9; it’s going to be a transfer to discretionary management without a purchase option.

Once the winner is decided, he should deposit a guarantee fee of $1.9 million and then renovate all the airport’s equipment and facilities including its parking ramp.

The owner of the Shymkent airport’s shares is the Department of Finances of the city of Shymkent. The market value of the shares is the difference between assets ($14.3 million) and liabilities ($1.2 million). In 2021 the airport earned $7.8 million with 576,916 of net revenue. In October 2020, the airport’s owner had already tried to sell the asset. However, there were no applicants for the bidding even though the market value of the shares was lower than now.

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