President Tokayev wants to set limits for landlords

Special correspondent of the "News" department
President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has ordered the government to determine the maximum area of land a person can own. A special team of experts has to get this task done by May 1.

President Tokayev brought up the topic of land during a meeting with members of the government.

As he noted the maximal size of land parcels in different regions has been approved by local legislative bodies (maslikhats) with no solid science-based justification: 98,000 hectares in the Atyrau region, 96,000 hectares in the Almaty region and 69,000 in the East Kazakhstan region.

«Meanwhile, the Ministry of Agriculture has developed a draft rule that allows possessing a land parcel up to 98,000 hectares. It seems to me as an attempt to nail down the situation when a handful of people own incredibly big land parcels, even though the state doesn’t mind the big land parcels in general.»

President Tokayev
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