KAZ Minerals decreased copper output by 2.3% last year

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However, the company has gone beyond the production target

In 2021, KAZ Minerals Group produced 299,000 tons of copper which is 2.3% less than in 2020 when the company produced 306,000 tons of that metal. As the company reported, in 2021 it was able to go beyond the target production level of 275-295,000 tons.

Last year the company’s output of gold decreased by 17.3% to 167,000 ounces while in 2020 KAZ Minerals produced 196,000 ounces. According to the company’s report, the 2021 year’s result meets the target of 160-180,000 ounces.

The company has beefed up the production of silver from 3.37 thousand ounces to 3.41 thousand ounces. The zinc concentrate output has plunged from 49.7 thousand tons to 46.5 thousand tons, though these results still met the company’s yearly targets for both silver and zinc concentrate.

KAZ Minerals is a copper company with more than 16,000 employees in Kazakhstan, Russia and Kyrgyzstan. The group operates open-pit mine Aktogay in East Kazakhstan and Bozshakol in the Pavlodar region, three mines and enrichment facilities in East Kazakhstan and copper and gold open-pit mine Bozymchak in Kyrgyzstan.

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