Almaty commemorates victims of January events

Police officers were nearby but didn’t intervene in the rally

Last Sunday about 500 people with placards and photographs of those who were killed during the January events gathered in Almaty on the square in front of the city’s administration to commemorate victims of the January events.

Throughout the two-hour rally, people called the authorities to set free any illegally detained in January. They have also called the government to stop torture and provide a transparent and fair investigation into the events. The rally participants laid a floral wreath on the Monument of Independence and prayed for those who died here in January.

Police officers were vigilant and stayed nearby but didn’t try to prevent people from staying on the square even though the authorities haven’t given any official permission for the event.

Moreover, the police didn’t stop traffic on the square and set no police lines around the rally. However, many bystanders reported poor internet connection in the vicinity of the square.

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