Kazakhstan’s senator wants young people to stop leaving the country

Many young people prefer to pursue happiness outside the country

Dinar Nuketayeva, a member of the Senate, the upper chamber of Kazakhstan’s parliament, has suggested Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov revise the cabinet’s approach to migration. The country needs to take drastic actions to stop qualified workers from moving abroad.

Many of our fellow citizens, first of all, the youth, have decided to travel abroad as they haven’t found a job here in Kazakhstan and don’t have enough money to support their families and themselves. They hope to find a good job in another country and this creates an entire army of migrant workers from Kazakhstan.


Over nine months last year about 7,500 young people from Kazakhstan between the ages of 18 and 35 have left the country in pursuit of a better life. This is 8.9% higher compared to a year earlier.

Moreover, these figures might be much higher than the official statistics, the senator said. She noted that more and more youth do not want to work in so-called “non-prestigious” areas.

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