A hacker from Romania is going to face justice

He’s been arrested in Hungary for stealing money from Kazakhstan’s banks

Hungarian law enforcement officials have detained a citizen of Romania who is accused of stealing money from unspecified commercial banks in Kazakhstan.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan, the hacker was put on an international wanted list by the police department from Almaty. Along with other criminal figures from different countries the hacker had been cracking accounts of a variety of banks in Kazakhstan, Russia, Thailand, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Taiwan. He transferred stolen money to banking cards and then withdrew that money through ATMs.

The total amount of damage is more than $9 million. Currently, Hungarian authorities are going to extradite the criminal to Kazakhstan.

As the ministry reported, in the course of the past two months Kazakhstan’s branch of Interpol found and arrested 16 individuals from a wanted list throughout Spain, Russia, Bahrein, the UAE, Georgia and Hungary.

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