Spokesman for president Tokayev reports information attack against the leader of Kazakhstan

The president has no bank account in a Swiss bank, said Berik Uali

As the official spokesperson of President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, Berik Uali wrote on Facebook that the president has been informationally attacked. The president doesn’t possess any bank accounts in Switzerland.

Moreover, the spokesperson said that the president has no accounts in a foreign bank or offshore company nor possesses any foreign property.

This is nothing more than a fake, this is an information attack against the country’s leader aimed at undermining the public trust toward the president because he actively works on putting limits to the monopoly in the national economy and political sphere. Some people hate that he is promoting these reforms.


He added that the ex-spouse of the president also doesn’t own any of the accounts mentioned in a publication.

“Regarding Timur Tokayev (son of the president), he is 38 years old, he is an entrepreneur and he has never ever worked in the public sector,” Uali said in a statement.

According to the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) and The New York Times, their investigations into more than $100 billion of assets in 18,000 different accounts of Credit Suisse, a prominent bank from Switzerland, have found that part of that money was owned by President Tokayev’s family. His sister Karlyga Izbastina had allegedly possessed $7 million in the bank in 2012 and Timur Tokayev along with his mother owned the Credit Suisse account with $5 million in it, according to the report.

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