Nexign proceeds with phase two of Installing Nexign Converged BSS at Kсell


Nexign, a major international provider of BSS solutions, has announced the completion of Phase One and the commencement of Phase Two in the project on installing Nexign Converged BSS at Kcell, one of the largest mobile operators in Kazakhstan servicing 8 million subscribers, which accounts for a half of the country’s population.

Currently, the initial configuring of the system has been finalized and it is operating in pilot mode with a limited number of customers. Phase Two will include the adjustment and field-testing of the billing platform as well as on-demand migration, and will conclude with the system’s commercial commissioning. The remaining phases will focus on the migration of the company’s existing subscribers to the new billing system.

The project officially kicked off in April 2021. The operations are expected to conclude by late 2022. It aims to enhance the existing services as well as to introduce completely new ones, which would make the use of new products more convenient for Kcell and its subscribers.

Notwithstanding the external complications, the joint team on the project has successfully finalized the pilot run and proceed with configuring the system for on-demand migration of subscribers. This serves as yet another confirmation of the maturity of Nexign BSS. We are thankful to Kcell for choosing our solution and fruitful cooperation. We’ll keep moving towards the project conclusion together.


Last year, Kcell embarked on its major transformation process. We have adopted a five-year strategy with a view to become a fully digital operator and take a leading position in the market. The rollout of Nexign’s digital billing platform is one of the key areas for Kcell to achieve this ambitious goal, as it will enable us to develop unique digital products and services for our customers. It is our plan to fully complete the transition to the new billing platform by the end of 2022.


About Nexign

Nexign is a major supplier of BSS solutions for telecom operators across 17 countries. The company focuses on modernising CSP’s IT systems to boost their profitability and slash TTM for new products.

Over 30 years on the market, Nexign has created an extensive suite of technological solutions to support and sustain transformation of telecom operators. Nexign’s products range from convergent BSS systems to elaborate optimisation solutions for subordinate software. Nexign boasts its comprehensive approach to reorganising all kinds of processes in the telecom industry, which offers a fresh impetus to the customer business and encourages innovations.

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About Kcell

Kcell is a national provider of the digital telecommunications services: mobile and fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) services, data transmission and Internet access, financial services, digital services and mobile applications, IT solutions in the field of system integration, the Internet of things, machine-to-machine connectivity, collection and processing of big data and cloud computing. Kcell is also a leading mobile operator in Kazakhstan providing the ‘smartphone+tariff’ service.

Kcell has become the largest digital ecosystem in Kazakhstan with a competitive advantage through its value-added services such as mobile financial services, mobile TV, online movies, music, books and magazines, as well as unique solutions for business customers. The company holds leading positions in the B2B market thanks to its strategy of vertical infrastructure solutions and development and implementation of the cutting-edge technologies. The company’s 4G/LTE network covers 67.5% of the country’s population and provides high quality services.

The company operates under its two brands – Kcell and activ that are widely recognized in our highly competitive telecom market due to the high quality of customer service. Thanks to its clear multi-brand architecture, Kcell increases its business efficiency in the B2C segment through optimal pricing for bundled offerings, customer base profitability management and network quality.

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