Dariga Nazarbayeva quits Kazakhstan’s parliament 

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She’s decided to focus on public, humanitarian, cultural and charity activities

Dariga Nazarbayeva has announced her resignation from the position of the deputy of Mazhilis and thanked her voters, Zakon.kz reported.

«The January events have shown that there is no way for Kazakhstan to pursue thriving and further development without peace and unity in the country. Those events are a real tragedy for all our people,» she said.

According to Nazarbayeva, a rigorous and fair investigation into the events is needed. Those who are guilty must be punished while innocent people must be released.

«We all, the entire society have to learn our lesson from the dark January events and take everything we can to prevent this from happening ever again,» she highlighted.

Dariga Nazarbayeva said that she is going to continue to serve the country as she doesn’t need to hold any official position to do so.

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