Nur Otan to change its name

President Tokayev, the leader of the party, has supported the initiative

President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has given full support to the idea of the party’s renaming. The initiative has been announced today by Erlan Koshanov, speaker of the Kazakhstan parliament’s lower chamber Mazhilis, during an urgent meeting of the party.

As Koshanov noted, Nur-Otan has found itself amid tectonic political changes in the country. Therefore, it needs a transformation of its core nature and name.

“Our people and land are the heritage our ancestors gave us. We have to pass it over to the next generations. We have to cherish the unity of the people, the friendship between different ethnic groups in our county and ambitiousness in order to pass this heritage to the next generations. Therefore, I suggest renaming the party into Amanat,” the official said.

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