Russia is going to fight what it calls fakes about Russian army

The government sets a range of amendments to the country’s Criminal Code amid the war on Ukraine

The State Duma of Russia has adopted a draft law that imposes criminal punishment and huge fines for the proliferation of any information that can damage the Russian army’s image as well as for calls for sanctions against Russia, the RIA Novosti news agency reported.

According to the draft law, if such misleading information causes serious damage, the punishment may be as tough as 15 years in prison.

The draft law describes three types of crime. First, the production or proliferation of deliberately misleading information about the Russian army will be punished by a fine of up to $13,470 or three years in prison. Second, the production of fakes by officials or a group of people driven by hate or hostility with artificially created «false proves» will be punished with a fine of $44,900 or 10 years in prison. Third, the production or proliferation of “fakes” that cause serious damage will be punished with 15 years in prison.

If someone decides to call for sanctions against Russia he will be punished with a fine of $4,490 or three years in prison. The maximal punishment for defamation of the Russian army is five years in prison.

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