The city of Atyrau embraces new mayor

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His name is Meyram Kalauyi

According to the Interfax news agency, the candidacy of the new Atyrau mayor Meyram Kalauyi has been supported by the president’s office.

«Today Makhambet Dosmukhambetov, the head of the Atyrau region has introduced the new mayor of the city of Atyrau Meyram Kalauyi to the public. The new mayor has been appointed in concurrence with the president’s office and local representative body,» the mayor’s office reported.

Before the appointment, Meyram Kalauyi was the first deputy head of the Atyrau regional branch of the Amanat party (formerly Nur Otan).

Over his career, Kalauyi worked as head of the regional department of youth; deputy head of the Atyrau region governor’s office and deputy head of the Atyrau city.

The former mayor of Atyrau Kairat Urazbayev voluntarily quit office in January.

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