Kazakhstan FM comments on Gennady Zyuganov statement

According to the minister, Russia has no territorial claims to Kazakhstan

Foreign Minister of Kazakhstan Mukhtar Tleuberdi said that Russia has no territorial claims to Kazakhstan. He also noted that the foreign ministry won’t file an official note of protest to Russia because of Zyuganov’s statement.

«During the official visit of our president to Moscow, the top Russian officials have confirmed that Russia has no territorial claims to Kazakhstan,» said Tleuberdi.

This comment followed the statement by Gennady Zyuganov, a prominent Russian politician who called on the Russian government to «liberate Russian speaking people in North Kazakhstan.» Even though he made this statement two months ago during the January events in Kazakhstan, this video went viral on social media now.

«The original statement was made two months ago but it went viral only recently. Any military conflict comes along with information war; there is a lot of provocations and damaging materials,» said the minister. He also noted that Kazakhstan won’t file a note of protest.

Tleuberdi said that Russia and Kazakhstan have finished the delimitation of their state borders and are going to complete demarcation in a couple of years.

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