Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan ban their military from using lethal force on the border

Heads of the countries’ border services have agreed to cooperate

According to the 24.kg website citing the Border Service under the State Committee of National Security of Kyrgyzstan, delegations from Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan have agreed to refrain from using their weapons on the common border.

Both sides have discussed a range of issues linked to border security. They have paid particular attention to the issue of prevention combat incidents on the border that the two countries share.

As a result, both sides agreed to prohibit their soldiers from using weapons except on occasions when such use of weapons is reasonable from a legal point of view.

Moreover, heads of Tajik and Kyrgyz border services have confirmed they are going to make efforts to intensify cooperation and create a supportive environment for a good neighborhood.

On March 10, a fire-fight between the two countries’ military had occurred in the Teskey region. At night, on March 11, the same happened in the region of Eki-Tash.

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