Kazakhstan to make adjustments to its state budget

The Ministry of Finance has revealed its plans

According to Finance Minister Erulan Zhamaubayev, the National Bank and the Ministry of Finance are going to make adjustments to the accounting rate of the US dollar for 2022, inflation corridor and other parameters of the state budget.

«Currently, along with the National Bank, we are going to make adjustments to the state budget this year including all those parameters such as the accounting rate of the dollar and the inflation corridor. We are going to discuss these issues this week. This figure (accounting rate of the U.S. dollar) will be clear once the state budget is formed,» he said.

The official has also said that any other parameters of the budget will be clear within a week.

Commenting on a question about the possibility of creating common currency between the Eurasian Economic Union state members and China, Zhamaubayev said that this is nothing more than just a hoax.  

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