Sanitary requirements for universities and schools to be softened in Kazakhstan

No social distance nor temperature measurement are required now

The chief sanitary doctor of Kazakhstan Ayzhan Esmagambetova has signed a new rule that allows education entities in yellow and green zones with few or no new COVID-19 cases to soften anti-epidemiological measures.

For example, in all public and private educational organizations pupils are no longer required to keep social distancing and measure their body temperature while entering school.

From now on all these measures and the mobile app Ashyq aren’t mandatory for schools and universities.

However, the government noted that if the sanitary and epidemiological situation worsens, it can once again roll out the Ashyq mobile app, social distancing and body temperature measurement requirements.

Currently, the entire territory of Kazakhstan is in a green zone, which means that it is safe from COVID-19.  

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