Kazakhstani law enforcement agency accuses ex-president’s relative of embezzlement 

The pre-trial investigation has started

Gulmira Satybaldy, wife of once-powerful mogul Kairat Satybaldy, is accused of embezzlement of public funds of particularly large sums of money, according to the Anti-Corruption Agency of Kazakhstan.

The Shymkent department of the Anti-Corruption Agency is conducting a pre-trial investigation into the activities of several official representatives of the Shymkent Department of Public Transportation and Roads and a company called Ariya-Zhana Astana. Gulmira Satybaldy is one of them.

«The investigation focuses on the embezzlement of $1.6 million of public funds in 2021. This money was paid for construction services, which were never done in practice,» the agency said in an official statement.

Because the investigation is still ongoing, the agency isn’t going to reveal any additional information.

Kairat Satybaldy is a nephew of former president Nursultan Nazarbayev. On May 13, the Anti-Corruption Agency reported his arrest. Mr. Satybaldy is accused of abuse of power and embezzlement while he was a top manager in Kazakhtelecom.

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