Kyrgyzstan’s president asks people to avoid wasting money

He's warned citizens that the economic situation could worsen in the country

President of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Japarov has warned the people of his country that due to the current geopolitical tensions the economic situation in the country may worsen, the Interfax Kazakhstan newswire reported.

The situation in the country is quite difficult, stated the president

«Prices have soared and everything is going to be much more expensive. Unemployment is also still in place. We know about the shortage of main products. That’s why I ask people to reconsider their spending; they have to forget for a while about expensive purchases, refrain from big banquets and stop wasting money. The top priority now is food security, both at the level of the government and at the level of a regular family,» said Japarov.

However, the president also said that since April 1, 2022, the government has increased salaries for public sector workers. Moreover, starting June 1, the country plans to increase the child allowance.

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