President Tokayev is going to cut red tape

He wants top officials to raise their efficacy and self-dependence while carrying more personal responsibility

As the press service of Akorda reported, President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has signed an edict on the de-bureaucratization of the state apparatus. The document is aimed at ensuring that government staff is making decisions fast and with a high level of efficacy. Also, Tokayev wants to remove excessive regulations from the executive branch, cut extra reporting and document flow and raise the level of independence and personal responsibility for top executives in the public sector.

In part of the initiative, the government is now obliged to revise a wide range of rules and orders by the county’s prime minister, his deputies and office to catch duplicating documents and ensure that they are still relevant.

In addition, the government must cut twofold the number of advisory bodies under the government itself, central and local executive bodies.

The document also requires the cabinet to change its approach to the list of public services as such a list must be based on the needs and demands of citizens and businesses, and this new list must be reengineered and automated. Another novelty is the possibility to delegate the power to sign from a top executive of a state agency to specific heads of its subordinated divisions when it’s necessary to sign a technical document or express the position of that agency.

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